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(Woburn, United Kingdom) Refrigerated van, trailer and truck hire company, Cool Motion, have launched their giving back initiative with a donation to Oceanites, Inc and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC).

As part of their giving back initiative, Cool Motion aim to reinvest a proportion of profits back into local communities and protecting the environment. The company only run environmentally friendly vehicles on their fleet, with all vans coming with Euro 6 engines and AdBlue as compulsory. To kick start the initiative, they have taken the opportunity to focus on helping the Antarctic and Antarctica, who are in great need of the steps we are all taking to attempt to reverse climate change.

Richard Lowden, CEO & Founder, Cool motion, commented: “Being a sister company of Green Motion, we very much adopt the same values and ethics at Cool Motion. Our mission is to provide affordable, environmentally friendly rental vehicles to companies who need them, and in doing so also be in a position to give back to the local community and environment where we can. Both Oceanites and ASOC are doing fantastic work to help protect areas of the world that started seeing the effects of climate change first, and so are very much in need of financial aid and rapid changes now. We are pleased we are able to support their work towards protecting these areas that are at risk.”

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